Exploring a new world

Nexrise is gaining a strong foothold by diversifying. It has progressed to expand the frontiers of learning and has taken it to the next level of virtual classrooms and learning by simulation. The underlying philosophy is to make learning joyful and holistic. All this is possible because there is a strong motivated workforce which has expertise in the respective fields and can transform ideas into reality.

Students would be in a position to evaluate themselves through online course evaluation systems. This pertains to whichever field he/she is aspiring to take up. This system functions as a double-edged sword; on one hand, the student understands as to whether or not the course content meets his/her demands, and, on the other hand, the faculty uses this information from the course evaluation system to improve his/her teaching methods.

Online coaching would be made available for entrance exams to the top Institutions such as IITs and IIMs.

Today’s market is getting encompassed with e-books. Since there is an increase in demand of e-books we are gradually foraying into this digital technology. We are also upgrading prints to e-books but only to a limited section of our print.

We are also indulging in e-commerce transactions of all our publications and related products which would open up a new world for both students and teachers.

Cloud Education is an emerging concept in the modern learning scenario. It is sharing of learning materials, digital assets and resources which the teachers can have access to through computers, laptops, mobiles, IP-TVs or any other portable devices. Therefore, Nexrise, by adopting this technology, would facilitate the students to plug in anywhere, at anytime. Learners can collaborate just about anywhere in the ‘cloud’, to do a task, consult, experiment, explore, or even extend help to someone. This improved accessibility and its inherent quality of keeping track of their learning processes and evaluation reveals its effectiveness in supporting the Teaching-Learning process. The mind-blowing combination of mobile and cloud learning is opening up newer frontiers to gain knowledge, develop skills, and broaden perspectives.

Nexrise thus is a unique publishing house which takes recourse to an integrated teaching resource that balances conventional classroom teaching methods with innovative tools, to create an environment of interactive learning for stupendous results.

There are multiple possibilities to enhance learning – we just have to grab them, understand them and use them for joyful gain of knowledge.

Nexrise augments learning, business comes much later!