At Nexrise, we believe to deliver quality content at a reasonable price with royalties which are quite competitive, substantiated with aggressive marketing. We leverage on state-of-art publishing technology to deliver products, as per the specification of our clients. With a strong backing of vast experience, we clearly understand the needs of authors and book distribution partners and continuously challenge ourselves to provide the highest level of services and products.

Nexrise has some special features which onsets from a burning desire to make a difference and rise above competition:

  • Our business decisions are long term rather than for short term financial gains.
  • There is a constant and dedicated effort to market aggressively with a relevant content as per the market demand.
  • Regular consultation with the research and professional communities to influence our line of thought. We listen to the society worldwide and their concerns give us the strategic direction.
  • We pride ourselves on our efficiency and professionalism towards the ever changing needs of our authors, librarians, booksellers and the end-users.
  • Adoption of constant innovation in terms of technology ensuring high quality products.
  • Our commitment to professionalism is relevant in today’s constantly changing environment to achieve excellence in all aspects of publishing.
  • Our Books undergo a rigorous proofreading and copy editing process to ascertain clear communication of ideas and concepts.
  • Nexrise uses high quality paper available for printing technologies.
  • Our rates are comparatively economical and all major schools pan India are our clients.